Growth a prototype made over a week for project. We were given a few details to get started.

Audience: Retro gamers 

Look: Fluxus art 

Feel: Kim Kardashian

Tech: Unity, Mobile, F2P with some way to make money (the store does not work in this prototype).


Bag filled with: dead plants, candy, and a picture of a purple person. These all needed to be worked into the game in some way.


Use the mouse to click Play on the start screen.

A or <- to move left

D or -> to move right

W or Space to extend your flower

The team:

Robert Baer: Technical Artist, responsible for character and level art

Miguel Calderon: Artist, responsible for level art, splash screen and art direction

Sean Boland: Programmer, responsible for player controls, level mechanics

Khadeidre Dean: Programmer, responsible for AI

Mike Breese: Producer/Jr. Programmer, responsible managing scope, direction, and assisting the team with Unity.

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